Clean n Green We Clean & Sanitize Mattresses!    

                     Why Clean a Mattress?

Do you have allergies and don't know the cause?

Are you or your family members frequently sick?

Did you need to eraticate bed bugs?

Did you have furniture in storage?

Have you purchased used furniture?

Any of these are good reasons to clean a mattress 

Because...... a mattress is one of the dirtiest places in the home.

This picture shows the amount of dust mite debris taken from about a 2X4 foot space on a relatively clean mattress.



This is the test results showing a moderate number of dust mites.

Even a small amount would be enough to cause allergic reactions.

We don't like to think that the environment we are sleeping in is dirty, however common sense dictates that the mattress serves as a ready and willing depository for organic and inorganic impurities.

In your lifetime your body will have more close contact with your bed than with any other piece of furniture and the simple truth is we all release as much as a pint of sweat each night and our bodies are permanently shedding skin. Adding these to the bacteria that is formed from other fluids our bodies release and deposit on the mattress, it makes you wonder why this problem has never been remedied until now.

Have your children or other family members soiled expensive bedding or furniture with spills, body fluids etc.? Even if chemicals were used to clean up the mess,  the germs are still there and multipying since bacteria, viruses, mold, or insects can go deep into a mattress or a sofa.

Cleaning mattresses and upholstered furniture with The Hygienitech System will make your bedding and upholstered furniture healthy to use. It will revive used furniture, bedding, and other items such as pillows kept in storage. Some people with allergies find that after cleaning their mattresses with the Hygienitech System, their allergy was caused by dust mites since the system kills dust mites and their symptoms improved.

Also, it is the dust mites feces that cause the allergic reactions!   No other system can remove mites while destroying their DNA leaving them unable to multipy and therefore eliminating what they have left behind in your bed or furniture.

The Hygienitech process is a totally "green", no chemical, no moisture process that is capable of destroying all impurities found in a mattress. This is only possible by sanitizing both the surface and the inside of the mattress by combining a UV-C Germicidal lamp with a powerful extraction device.

Now You have a choice! 

You can sleep in  a healthy and sanitized environment in your own home and there is no excuse for you to be sleeping in an accommodation provider's mattress that has not been sanitized by a certified Hygienitech Anti-Allergen Services Provider.

* Hundreds of customers with all types of facilities with bedding are satisfied!   Just check out what people have said about The Hygienitech System on the endorsement page by clicking here.


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We provide a unique service cleaning and sanitizing mattresses, upholstered furniture, carpets, drapes, and stuffed toys. We use the Hygienitech System, which is a method of extracting contaminants such as dust mites, fleas and eggs, and bed  bugs. It aslo kills bacteria, viruses, mold and spores. The system is completely dry, GREEN and chemical free.



Hygienitech was founded in 1999 as a mattress cleaning and sanitizing service. This was done after discovering that the mattress cleaning and sanitizing business was a mature service industry throughout Europe which began in the 1980's. The research showed the fact that there were thousands of businesses in Europe providing mattress cleaning and sanitizing services to both the private sector and a wide variety of multi-bed facilities on a  regular basis.


The Hygienitech System  combines UV-C light with powerful suction and vibration to extract contaminants and kill bacteria, viruses, and other germs.

Ask about a free in home test to see how many dust mites are in your bed.